27 April 2010

Macho Monster Truck Man Time

My son and I stumbled upon the Design Your Own Monster Truck contest while wandering around Hot Wheels' website. We were looking for a replacement Monster Truck for an el cheapo supremo truck that broke a few days ago. He already has one Hot Wheels truck, but since the other one broke simply by merit of being junky, and since he's been pretty good about cleaning up and taking care of his other Hot Wheels cars (he has just under 600,000 at this point), I decided to tell him he could *maybe* have another one.

It turns out that the possibility of creating your own truck and having it made into a real live toy is just way cooler than buying some toy from a store. So we made this:

There was a lot of fist pumping, grunting approval, and going , "Whooooah," while we brainstormed this truck. Father-son time for us isn't what I envisioned growing up, which was something like the boy and his grandfather in the Werther's Original commercials, it's more like we're just buds, and I think I like that better.

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